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The next Ashford Borough Council election is on Thursday 2nd May 2019

Ashford Borough Council Election Conservative Manifesto 2019

As residents of the Borough, we make use of the same services, we enjoy the same parks and green spaces, we put out and recycle our rubbish, use the same shops and restaurants and visit the same leisure and health centres as you. That’s how we know that the decisions made by the Council have a direct impact on all our lives.

As councillors, the decisions that we take on behalf of you are never taken lightly, as we remember that every pound spent has been earned by you. We work hard to ensure that the services we provide offer great value for money for all the residents of Ashford, with all spending carried out sensibly, diligently and responsibly to ensure that every pound spent works as hard as it can and always with the best interests of ordinary working people at the forefront of our decisions.

This is why over the last four years we have been doing things differently as a Council. This has meant going beyond the traditional remit of a borough council by putting the wellbeing of our residents and businesses at the heart of everything we do, and of every decision taken, while still working hard to provide you with the best, most cost-effective, high-quality servicesand all the while keeping your taxes as low as possible. In spite of economic challenges, we have been successful in maintaining the lowest Council Tax in Kent since 2015 and we are committed to maintaining the lowest Council Tax in Kent for the next four years.
The Council’s work is built on excellence, forward thinking, innovation and offering great value for money.

Over the last four years your Conservative led Ashford Borough Council has delivered for the residents of Ashford. We have worked hard to become self-sufficient, rather than relying on central government funding, enabling us to serve you better. Over the last 10 years we have gone from receiving a Government grant of 8.1 million pounds in 2009/10 to receiving no grant funding at all in 2019/20.

We have successfully reduced costs, wastage and cut bureaucracy, whilst at the same time increasing income to make up the shortfall in our spending plans by investing in property, such as Elwick Place and International House in the town centre, in order to earn a return. Through innovation and tough choices, we have protected our services for all residents.

The Borough remains one of the safest places in the county. Over the last four years working with our partners we have had a positive impact on reducing the number of reported incidents of fly-tipping, illegal encampments and in reducing the number of anti-social behaviour incidents, as well as providing more support for victims of domestic abuse.

Although we are proud of our achievements and how we have met the challenges of the past four years, we know there are many more challenges to come.

Ashford Borough Council Conservatives have always been ambitious for the communities we serve. We will continue to make sure the Council delivers excellent services and always provides the very best value. The wellbeing of our residents and those visiting the Borough will continue to be the focus of everything we do.

As a positive, active Council this means that we want all our residents to lead long, happy and healthy lives. A great deal of what we already do as a Borough Council makes a significant positive contribution to your quality of life and sense of wellbeing as residents. As Conservatives we are ambitious for our communities and we want to deliver even more to the community by taking the right long-term decisions for Ashford’s future security and prosperity.

At the heart of this manifesto is the wellbeing of your Borough and of all of you, the residents. Wellbeing isn’t just about access to health services. It is primarily about providing decent, suitable homes for people to live in within a safe, healthy and protected environment; it is about enabling a strong local economy that provides the jobs and services we need; it is about our lifestyle choices and opportunities to plan our future and the provision of services that keep the people of the Borough living independently for longer. We also understand that even small changes can result in a significant impact and that we can play our part in supporting, promoting and delivering these. At the same time, we want to support our businesses and help them thrive and prosper

This manifesto sets out how we will make this happen for you and with you, using five themes: the environment, our economy, community safety, housing and health. We will build these on the foundations that support everything we do: excellent services, innovation and quality always making sure we deliver the very best value for money.

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ABC Elections 2019

The 2019 Local Election campaign is set against a backdrop of a challenging period in our national politics. Here in Ashford we are concentrating on grass roots issues and ensuring that we field a full range of candidates, both Conservative councillors seeking re-election and new candidates hoping to serve their local community as Ashford Borough Councillors after May 2nd.

I am particularly proud of the diversity of our new candidates, as I have always believed that a community is best served by having voices from a wide cross section of ages and backgrounds, and a good gender balance. I am happy to report that of the 18 new Conservative candidates, 8 are female (almost 50%), 3 are under 22 years old, 4 are from a BAME background and 1 is registered blind.

Our candidates are a fascinating mix of professional and other backgrounds, incomers and Ashford born and bred, first timers into politics because of a local issue or personal passion (disability issues or a voice for young people) and local activists.

I think at a time when we are divided in so many ways as a country, this is a story of grass root politics strengthening and reaching a broader base. We will be capturing the stories of many of our candidates on video clips during the campaign.

I do hope you will want to contribute to the 2019 campaign. We are grateful for any help and support, whether it is a donation, fundraising event, canvassing or delivering leaflets. I want to involve as many people as possible because winning elections is the purpose of our Conservative Association. All the candidates’ contact details are on this site, so please contact them directly if you want to offer help in a particular ward.

Jo Gideon

Deputy Chairman Political – Ashford Conservatives